Useful Information

Climate and Weather Information:
Weather season in March: Autumn (Fall)
Average night time temperature in March: 17 ̊C (63 ̊F)
Average day time temperature in March: 25 ̊C (77 ̊F)
Sunrise during the event: 06h45
Sunset during the event: 19h00
Average rainfall in March: 40mm per month
5-day dry run probability: 50% (source: South African Rain Atlas)

Time Zone Information:
South African time zone: GMT +2hours (Central Africa Time)
South Africa does not have Daylight Saving Time (DST)

During March the region is known for:
Planting season for local farmers
Flowering season for indigenous fynbos
Moderate weather conditions

General Information:
The Cape Outback is held in a malaria-free area.

Race Equipment Guide
The following list of useful equipment is not a complete list of all equipment needed. It only gives you a guideline to compare your own list with.

Mountain bikes:
Basic bike spares
Basic bike tools (Technical services and spares are available at each race village)
Riding gear
Bike lights (for night/day stage)

Camping Gear:
Sleeping bag

Personal Kit:
Basic first aid kit
Bathroom kit
Suitable outdoor clothing
Comfortable shoes
Cell phone
Insect repellent
Sun block
Pocket knife/Leatherman