Profiles and Stats

Route stats for 2013:
Total distance:        388km
Total ascent:           5900m
Number of stages:   4

Profiles and stats per stage:

Stage 1 (Stilbaai to Nona Rosa Bush Camp)
Date: 28 February 2013   Start: 07h00 Cut-off: 17h00
Total distance:    109km
Total ascent:       1800m

Stage1 crop 2012


Stage summary:
The Ellensrust Campsite in Stilbaai will be the assembly point again for the Cape Outback 2013 on Thursday 28 February 2013. Registration will take place on the afternoon/evening of 27 February 2013 and the starter’s bell will let the riders loose at 07h00 the next morning. A dirt road will take the fresh legs along the western bank of the Goukou River. Riders will cross the Goukou to do the first of three climbs for the day (at 17km). After crossing the Goukou again at the low-water bridge, the second climb awaits (at 31km). Then it is easy riding down to the Duiwenhoks River. An unusual river crossing leads the riders to the third climb of the day (at 72km). Prizes will be awarded to riders that can granny-gear this one to the top! Then it’s an easy ride across the Heidelberg Plain and into the little gem of a bush camp at Nona Rosa.

Stage 2 (Nona Rosa Bush Camp to Potberg)
Date: 1 March 2013 Start: 07h00   Cut-off: 17h00
Total distance:       74km
Total ascent:         1300m

Stage2 crop 2012


Stage summary:
Riders start snaking down the Slangrivier at 07h00 on the morning of 1 March heading towards the Slangrivier’s bigger brother, the Breede River. Two technical sections will get the day off to an adventurous start. A short rubber duck portage will take riders across the Breede River to the eastern sector of De Hoop Nature Reserve, famous for rolling hills of fynbos, bontebok conservation, some hectic single track… and the odd missile test. At the top of the Potberg mountain another breath taking view of the Indian Ocean awaits. Then it is time for some fast downhill single track to join the Elandspad. A sneaky little single track takes riders to the finish line and overnight village at Potberg.

Stage 3 (Potberg to Strandveld Winery)
Date: 2 March 2013 Start: 05h00 (Yes, this is the dark start!)  Cut-off: 17h00
Total distance:    130km
Total ascent:       1300m

Stage3 crop 2012


Stage summary:
This is the biggie! Love it or hate it! The wake-up song will do its thing at 03h00 and the starter’s bell will sound two hours later. The first two hours of this stage will be in the dark and night riding gear is compulsory for the first section of this stage. Daylight will throw a technical climb at the riders, just to make sure they are awake. After crossing the suspension bridge over the Heuningnesrivier at De Mond Nature Reserve, the Agulhas Plains will bring some easy-riding relief.A single track climb will elevate riders from the Agulhas Plains up the Soetanysberg in the picturesque Agulhas National Park. Another breathtaking view awaits at the top…Indian Ocean to the left, Atlantic Ocean to the right. Then it is time to cowboy up and gun it through the Nuwejaars River Nature Reserve’s buffalo and eland camp and head for the expedition village at Strandveld Winery, home of the stunning First Sighting Wines and unmatched Overberg hospitality.

Stage 4 (Strandveld Winery to Beloftebos)
Date: 3 March 2013 Start: 07h00   Cut-off: 15h00
Total distance:     75km
Total ascent:       1500m

Stage4 crop 2012


Stage summary:
After thinking that it will never arrive, the final stage dawns! We are joined by the Strandveld Challenge riders in aid of Die Burger Kersfonds whom will start 15 minutes after the starter’s bell. We wave goodbye to the friendly folks at Strandveld Winery and head straight towards the not-to-be-underestimated “Three Little Pigs”… let the stage profile do the explaining! A somewhat technical 8km downhill near the Salmonsdam Nature Reserve will take riders to the picturesque Beloftebos and their Cape Outback 2013 Finishers Medal.