13 Important Facts

13 Important Facts

13 things you need to know before you enter the Cape Outback 2013

1. FOUR DAYS: The race starts in Stilbaai at 07h00 on 13 March 2014. The final cut-off is at 15h00 on 16 March 2014.

2. THREE MEALS A DAY: Riders will receive three nutritious meals a day. A complimentary dinner on the evening of 12 March and breakfast on the morning of 13 March is included as well as lunch at the finish line on 16 March.

3. TENTED ACCOMMODATION: Each rider will be accommodated in a 2-person tent with a comfortable mattress in the race village each night. Rider accommodation for the night before the start in Stilbaai is included. Accommodation is not provided to supporters, but click here for more information on the Supporter Passports available. You can also view information on accommodation options in Stilbaai and the rest of the route.

4. RACE TOG BAG: All riders will receive a complimentary race tog bag as well as a complimentary bag transfer service between race villages each day. Please note that only official Cape Outback race tog bags will be transferred.

5. TECHNICAL SUPPORT: A technical support service will be provided at each race village (including Stilbaai). Keeping your bicycle mechanically “healthy” during the race remains the responsibility of each rider.

6. BIKE WASH AND BIKE PARK: Each race village will have a complimentary bike wash and secure bike park facility. It will be located at the Tech Zone.

7. WATER STATIONS: Water stations are stocked with Coke, Powerade, water and ‘n combination of nuts, fruit, potatoes, jelly sweets and muffins. Squirt chain lube will also be available at each water table.

8. EMERGENCY CREW: There are emergency medical crew at each stage finish line as well as mobile emergency medical crew on the route. Riders will be provided with a race emergency telephone number at the compulsory route briefing on the night before the start of the first stage.

9. ROUTE BRIEFINGS: There will be a compulsory route briefing for all riders each night immediately after dinner.

10. MASSAGE SERVICE: The very popular massage service at the Recovery Zone will again be available at Cape Outback 2014. Look out for the Duesouth flags and banners at each race village (Stilbaai and Beloftebos excluded). Massage packages can be pre-booked at a special tariff when entering the race.

11. SHUTTLE SERVICE TO THE START: A transfer shuttle service is available to riders, their bicycles and their race tog bags. This service runs from finish line to Stilbaai on 12 March 2014. There is no shuttle service after the race. Transfer shuttles can be booked when entering the race. Click here for more details on the transfer shuttle service.

12. DVD: All riders will receive a complimentary copy of the 2014 Cape Outback DVD.

13. PHOTOS: All pictures taken during the race by the official race photographer will be available free of charge to all riders. It can be downloaded from a dedicated website.