Is The Banting Diet Just Another Diet?

The Banting Diet which has been popularized by William Banting has raised many eyebrows, due to the fact we were led to believe that’s fats a very bad for us to consume as it elevates cholesterol levels and creates many blockages in the arteries. But William Banting has proved those theories to be wrong has he has formulated the food list which helps people eat the food thy really enjoy and losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle at the same time.

It is very important to remember that when it comes to trending diets only a few will completely successful. There is no such thing as a ‘miracle’ diet as we are all created differently leaving us with different o metabolisms, body types and activity levels, so what may work for one person does not mean it will work for the next.

A key factor before embarking any diet is if you were fairly unhealthy your success of achieving your weight loss goal depends on your choice; as healthier habits and portion control should be administered from the get go.

So, is the LCHF diet just another diet?

No, I personally believe it is not just some diet! As this is a way of living your life the way you want and reaping the benefits. This form of lifestyle as gone all out in promoting awareness to many individuals who need help living a healthy lifestyle, understanding nutrition and health in South Africa. There are those who will not agree with all the fundamentals that are incorporated in this diet, but there are many people who have shared their positive outcomes of this diet.

  • The form of a diet helps individuals eat more vegetables, it has also taught them to reduce their intake of refined sugar.
  • The main aim of this diet is to help individuals beat obesity, heart disease and diabetes which is the main factor leading to many people leading a deteriorating life.  The main principles of this diet is to give some added direction to many individuals as this diet promotes individuals to consume healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, dairy, healthy oils and unrefined grains.
  • The Banting Diet helps individual to not only have fun with this form of diet but to really enjoy food and teaching them portion control at the same time. Also teaching individuals to eliminate those sugars, saturated fats and consume salt in adequate amounts.
  • It is evident in this diet that not only teaches individuals about the quantity of carbohydrates and fat intake that matters, but also its added value it has in an individual’s life.

To sum up….

Our choice of diet is of vital importance if we want to live long and healthy lifestyles.  When we eat healthy and I am certain many would agree with me in saying this, when we incorporate good eating habits this makes one feel healthy and energized and also keeps the weight down. The Banting Diet is not for everyone as explained here but it has helped individuals to lose weight and lead very healthy lifestyles. It is also very important to understand a diet before taking it on to see if it will be affordable or sustainable to suit your means of lifestyle. But if you looking for a long term weight loss diet plan then this diet is worth giving a try as it will be very beneficial to your health in the long run.

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