The Organisers

The Organisers

Jaco (“Jakes”) Loubser
Expedition Director (Logistics & Admin)

jacoJaco is one of those people that struggle to answer the question: “So what do you do for a living?”. If you catch him around a campfire with a glass of red, he can tell you about his days as a lifeguard instructor in Hermanus, about the time he sailed across the Atlantic, about his back packing journeys through South America and the Caribbean, about his life on an island in the Bahamas or his days as overland guide in Southern Africa.

If he is in a hurry, however, he will tell you that he is an accountant and lives on a farm in Grabouw with his wife Jana. He still loves to travel to so-called Third World countries.

Leo du Plessis
Expedition Director (Route planning and sponsorships)

leoLeo is not an office kinda guy. He starts where the road ends. So when the idea was mentioned of an expedition through a quiet and remote area he listened, but when the word “mountain bike” was added to the equation, Leo switched on.

Leo holds an honours degree in sports science and work as an adventure guide for various companies. He survived hurricane Noel at sea in the Caribbean while sailing from Cape Town to Fort Lauderdale in 2007. In his free time you will find him on his back underneath his 1956 Landy or he will simply disappear with his (Toyota) 4×4 and mountain bike into the bundu. Leo is married to Kari and he always has a good travel story to tell.

Con Viljoen
Logistics Manager

If you phone Con during day time he will probably be hanging from a rope somewhere with lots of heavy equipment nearby. His rigging work has taken him across the African continent…bill boards in Senegal, bridges in DRC… if it is not cemented to mother earth, he can hoist it! If the impossible needs to done, Con is your man. Miracles, however, take three days!

Con sometimes returns to terra firma to run adventure camps at his camp site on the banks of the Breede River near Bonnievale. He is married to Ilse and during the Cape Outback he has the daunting task of moving the race village every day.

Jansie Both
Expedition Village Manager

jansieCalling Jansie a citrus farmer just doesn’t say enough about this girl. Her work as an overland guide has taken her across the African continent and her leisure travels has taken her across the South American continent. This farm girl from Patensie and former training manager of an overland charter company has served, with distinction, as one of the logistical managers of the gruelling Tour d’Afrique mountain bike expedition from Cairo to Cape Town. Oh, did we mention her days as a stage manager in the performing arts industry? Jansie is the mayor/sergeant-major of the Cape Outback race villages. She is married to Deon.